Got a job trial at a really nice (expensive) bar tomorrow and I’m stressed because a) I’ve got fuck tons of revision to do and IF I do get it I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of that b) what if I fuck up because I’m clumsy and have no coordination and it’s full of middle class scary people and c) she’s asked me to wear jeans and I literally do not own a single pair because I hate trousers

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I have a really unusual fear of catching a train, falling asleep and accidentally ending up half way across the country all due to that one episode of Friends I watched as a child

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Jeff Buckley // Witches’ Rave

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"With his thin body and pot belly, Nicky looked like one of those snakes that unhinges its jaws and swallows eggs."
A fanzine on Nicky Wire, 1995 (via ourfinestflowers)

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Literally never will understand people who reblog people’s selfies/outfits and critique them? Nobody asked for your opinion? I see outfits I don’t like in the street every single day and I don’t go up to the people wearing them and hurl abuse?

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